Exercise & Bone Health

Work it to the bone

Exercise and Bone Health

With the right kind of exercise, you can stay limber and healthy, alleviating or preventing joint pain. Strength training can strengthen bone, and increase spine and hip bone density. With these top techniques, you’ll have better range of motion, find everyday chores easier and who knows? You may even break your personal best on a morning jog.




Exercise for Healthy Bones

Why exercise? Because it’s good for your bones!
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Types of Exercise

Focus on exercises that are reasonable and appropriate for your fitness level and abilities.
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Guidelines for Physical Activity

This chart is a guide to the kind of physical activity you can pursue, its frequency and intensity.
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Preventing & Relieving Joint Stiffness

Some simple things you can do to help alleviate the discomfort and prevent further wear or injury.
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Weight Training At Any Age

Weight training increases strength and helps replace the muscle mass you lose naturally as you age.
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Tips for Beginning Lifters

These five essential tips will get you started the right way.
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Fitness Walking

Fitness walking is a great way to improve your overall fitness, health and wellness.
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Physical Activity for Older Adults

Keeping active can help prevent health problems including osteoporosis, heart disease and stroke.
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